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Understanding Canada’s New Attestation Requirement: A Guide for International Students

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The Canadian government has introduced the requirement for international students to obtain a Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL) as part of a broader effort to manage the increasing number of international students and address related issues, such as housing affordability and the quality of education provided by some institutions.

The PAL is part of a new policy requiring most study permit applicants to submit this letter, which confirms that the student has been allocated a place within the province’s set quota for study permits. This change is aimed at ensuring a balanced distribution of international students across different provinces and preventing over-enrollment in certain areas【Canada. ca】【CIC NEWS】.

One of the main drivers behind this policy is the rapid population growth in Canada, largely fueled by temporary residents, including international students. Between October 2022 and October 2023, Canada’s population grew by 1.25 million people, with a significant portion being temporary residents. This population surge has put additional pressure on housing markets, making it harder for both Canadians and international students to find affordable housing【SOURCE: MOVING TO CANADA】.

Additionally, this policy aims to enhance the oversight of educational institutions and ensure that incoming students receive the quality education they expect. There have been concerns about some private career colleges enrolling more students than they can adequately support, leading to subpar educational experiences【MOVING TO CANADA】.

Overall, the introduction of the PAL is part of a broader strategy to manage the impacts of a rapidly growing international student population while ensuring students receive the quality education they are promised and helping alleviate housing market pressures in key areas【Canada. ca】【CIC NEWS】.

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Understanding Canada’s New Attestation Requirement: A Guide for International Students

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