About Us

Kwasad Media has been operating since 2011. We have departments with experts that are trained to solve specific issues, provide services to our clients and publish relevant news.

Our news items are top-notch and captivating that are not only engaging to people within the locality we operate but globally as well.

Our Services include: content creation (Photography | videography etc), Graphic Design, Web Development, Brand Promotion, Social Media Promotion & Management, News content creation, Tech Updates.


We have professional  photographers who are well vest to take charge of events, photo documentary, magazine photography, conceptual photo ideas. We have worked with several brands and individuals/influencers including: La Sino JK, Margaret Afriyie, Allo Maadjoa, Bboy Lyricx, Scot Evans and a host of others.


From weddings through to documentaries, we have a strong team who have the technical know-how to get you quality video/coverage with high end production equipment (4K & 6K Cameras & phones, dJi Mavic series Drones). We have collaborated and worked for influencers/brands including: Kobby Shots, Greatness Productions, Kobi Rana, Africa Breaking Academy, Kofi Koranteng etc.

Graphic design

Graphic representation is a key feature for individuals and brands in our age of digital marketing, hence brands and influencer have entrusted us over the years to serve them with quality visuals. Below are some institutions and creatives we have served: AfroBreak Concepts, Allo Maadjoa, StarFlexx, Seven Kizs, Flowking Stone, etc.


Social media aside being an online representation for brands and individuals, it is also seen nowadays as an online cash cow to support entities that pay attention to the growth of their social media presence. Our core mandate is to assist these bodies to reach a wider audience and monetize their “eye-balls”. Below are a list of individuals and organizations we have worked for: Allo Dancers, Bright Amankwah, AWO World, Allo Dancers, Bboy Lyricx, Kobby Chilling, Bboy Lyricx, etc.

web development

We get you sorted on all your website needs. We are expert in getting you an events website, ticketing platforms, portfolios for brands and individuals, online shops/stores, foundations or charity organization sites with donation feature. Here are some organizations and individuals we have served: Kingsley Arthur, La Sino JK, Yesu Nti LTD, BN Trading Hub, Duolagro, Saige Hope Children Foundation, etc.