Scammer (Nigerian) arrested for Swindling Mobile Money Vendor

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A young man (Scammer) named Ike Ebuka narrowly escaped lynching after being caught defrauding a MOMO (Mobile Money) vendor in Bibiani, Western North region. The incident, reported by Joseph Akpala on Kessben FM’s Breaking News, detailed how the mobile money vendor quickly realized that the young man had handed her counterfeit cash. She alerted the people around, who caught Ebuka in the act.


Fortunately, Ebuka’s life was spared as there were police officers present who prevented the enraged crowd from harming him. The MOMO vendor recounted that Ebuka initially brought GHC4000 for a deposit, and after she counted the money, he claimed he was depositing it to a Vodafone Mobile Money number that she did not possess. He then took back his money.

Later, Ebuka returned and instructed the MOMO vendor to deposit the money to his MTN number, using the same counterfeit GHC4000. The MOMO vendor, being vigilant, rechecked the money and raised the alarm when she discovered the fraud.


Watch the video here:–LDzao/

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