Kwasad Media; Brand representation and History

Kwasad Media is a Ghanaian-owned media company that was founded in 2011 and officially registered on the 18th of March 2020 by Derrick Sefah, nicknamed “Kobby Chilling”. The acronym “KWASAD” is a combination of both the traditional and official names of the founder. “KWA = KWABENA, S= SEFAH, A= APPIANIN and D= DERRICK”. The organization is well known for digital content creation (Graphic Design, Animation, Website design, Website development, photography, filmmaking, etc.)

The company offers a range of services that help businesses and organizations reach their target audience through effective communication strategies. Some of the services they offer include:

  1. Public Relations: Kwasad Media helps clients build positive relationships with the public through effective communication and messaging strategies. They work to create and maintain a favorable public image for their clients by managing their reputation, addressing any negative publicity, and promoting positive news.
  2. Event Management: Kwasad Media provides end-to-end event management services, from conceptualization to execution. They specialize in organizing events such as product launches, corporate events, trade shows, and conferences.
  3. Brand Activation: Kwasad Media helps clients activate their brand by creating engaging experiences that connect with their target audience. They develop creative and interactive campaigns that help clients build brand awareness and increase customer loyalty.
  4. Social Media Management: Kwasad Media manages social media platforms for clients, including content creation, community management, and analytics reporting. They help clients to build a strong online presence and engage with their target audience on social media.
  5. Talent management and scouting: Kwasad Media has been discovering and recruiting people of talent for a specialized field or activity who lack the capacity to invest in their craft to reach the masses. The entity has a solid talent management team that groom such talents and “guide and guard” them to stick to a consistent pattern.
  6. Digital Marketing: Kwasad Media provides digital marketing services, including search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and email marketing. They help clients reach their target audience through online channels and drive traffic to their websites.

In addition to their services, Kwasad Media operates a media platform called Kwasad.com. The platform features news, entertainment, lifestyle, sports, technology, etc. content, and aims to provide a unique and engaging experience for its users while promoting the rich culture and heritage of Ghana.

The media firm believes in simplicity of work; hence it depicts that in its brand representation, thus its logo.

Kwasad Media has worked with clients from various industries, including finance, healthcare, technology, entertainment, education, etc. Kwasad Media is committed to delivering exceptional results and building long-term partnerships with its clients.




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