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3D Device for long-distance relationships Kissing | Made by Chinese

Named after a person’s sound when kissing, MUA is a mouth-shaped 3D silicon device that allows users to experience the sensation of a real kiss.

MUAs use motion sensors hidden in your lips to mimic the motion and pressure of a kiss to make the internet talk to you. To make the experience even more authentic, it even reproduces the sound of a kiss and even the temperature of a real lip.

It has even been claimed that people can feel gestures when their partner activates the device and kisses it, as other people can send and feel the motion.

The MUA can also connect via Bluetooth and use an application that can download kiss-her data sent by the device user. The device appears like a phone stand with realistic lips on the front. To use the device, it must be connected to your phone’s charging port and activated via the app. When activated, the device returns kisses as soon as the user first kisses them.

The kiss machine was invented by Zhao Jianbo, who founded Siweifushe, a company based in Beijing. According to him, the inspiration for the invention came after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic put people in lockdown where they were not allowed to leave their homes for months. “I was in a relationship at the time, but I couldn’t see my girlfriend because of the lockdown,” says the inventor.

At that time, Zhao Jianbo was still a student at the Beijing Film Academy. Because of the pandemic, he has since focused his graduate studies on the lack of physical intimacy in video calls, a device he founded his Siweifushe, which debuted at 260 yuan (about 2,054 pesos). It was more fully realized when he released his MUA as a product.

With its first release on January 22nd, MUA took the tech world by storm. Already he has sold over 3,000 of his Kiss devices and has about 20,000 orders. Also available in a variety of colors.

However, according to media reports, the product has received mixed reviews, with some saying the device feels uncomfortable and others complaining that it lacks a tongue (lmao, they really want his MOMOL session with MUA).

This isn’t the first time a similar kissing device has been developed. In 2011, a research group at Tokyo Electro-Communication University invented a “kiss transmitter.” Meanwhile, in 2016, “Kissenger” (kiss and messenger) was invented by the Imagineering Institute of Malaysia.

I think the absence is getting the heart beating higher and people need to develop innovative ways to feel their lover’s hickey, right? 

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