100percent Dance Challenge making waves

Ghana’s Best Gospel Dancer, Copeland BOISON, with the stage name THEGREATNET, has been remarkable when it comes to choreographing dance moves for dance projects. He has put together dance challenges to several gospel tunes. He is well known for the uniqueness of how he organizes his dance moves to suit the tempo of the songs he works on.

The recent project he has worked on, which is making waves within Ghana and finding its way out of the borders of the country is SCOTTEVANS‘ freshly released urban gospel track titled HUNDRED PERCENT. The most captivating part of the choreography is, the dancer makes gestures of putting up steps or layers with his hand. He finally throws a punch in the air depicting how powerful one could be if he or she enjoys a hundred percent fullness of Jesus Christ.

100 Percent Dance Challenge has become the most engaged Dance Challenge in the Gospel Space in Africa and gradually becoming contagious in the mainstream.

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